Thinklabs Earbud Headphones - Deep Bass

$ 59.00

Experience the unsurpassed sound of the Thinklabs One with the crystal-clear performance of our Thinklabs Earbud Headphones. These powerful headphones provide crisp highs and extreme bass so you won't miss those low frequencies whether listening to a heartbeat or your favorite song. Our new magnetic earbud design allows you to easily secure them around your neck while not auscultating. The ergonomic ear tips have been designed with your comfort in mind and include 3 sets of silicone tips (S/M/L) to customize the fit. With these headphones you won't miss a beat.

Additional headphones are extremely useful for remote listening in telemedicine systems, in infectious disease units, or simply as an extra pair. 

Please note that these headphones are included with your Thinklabs One purchase

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