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Telemedicine Accessories Kit

Connect to laptops, computers, and carts for telemedicine visits. 

Thinklabs Verified USB Audio Adapter* is a 3.5mm to USB adapter with microphone and headphone inputs. It provides a convenient connection to any Mac or PC computer with a USB port. 

The Thinklabs stereo audio splitter cable has two 3.5 mm stereo jacks so you can plug in both headphones and the stethoscope.

The 8' male-to-male cable allows for the stethoscope to be used at variable distances from the connected laptops, computers, or carts and also between doctors and patients.

Thinklink not required when using the USB adapter and audio splitter.


*Thinklabs has tested and verified the audio quality of a number of USB adapters to meet the quality required for heart and lung sounds. Specific USB device may vary from what is shown.
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Telemedicine Accessories Kit
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